Replacing my fried Bionx components

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I posted earlier about having hooked up my bike to a different battery in reverse and frying it. I have recieved a replacement motor and console now, but unfortunately I'm having trouble making them work. The console is completely new, but the motor was used.

My issue is now that when I plug in the G2 console, I can turn on my system by pressing the top left button, but then all of the digits on the screen become visible and none of the buttons work. I'm not sure if the motor is required to be connected during the process, but the problem was the same regardless of whether or not the motor was connected.

Is this a wire connection problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

EDIT: After experimentation, it appears that hitting the ebrake will change the display to only show some "layers" of the gui and all numbers (the 8's in the picture become 3's), pressing the top left button (only that one, the others do nothing, at this time the top left symbol was power) changes the display slightly and all of the numbers become 2's and the buttons on the left switch sides with the buttons on the right. Next, pressing the button on the top right (its symbol was also power at this point) makes all the numbers change to 1's, all of the button symbols disappear, and some of the rest of the gui also changes. Pressing the button on the bottom right changes all of the numbers to zero and also changes the gui a little bit, then pressing the bottom left button makes everything on the console disappear and flashes a sequence of numbers almost identical to my serial number for a few seconds until it disappears. The screen is now blank and the only way to get it to happen again is to unplug and re-plug the console.


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