request advice...building long distance e touring bike

mike barrett

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Hey, I'm new to e bikes but love long distance touring. I currently have a Tout Terrain Silk Road c/w 14 speed Rohloff hub. The bike is nice...but my legs are starting to go.


I hate to bastardize the bike but feel that if done properly it would probably give me many happy riding hours. I would like suggestions of a quality components to purchase.


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Hey Mike! Welcome to the forum, that's a beautiful bike there... I know the feeling and concern about converting a nice regular bicycle to electric. Some of the kits that I've reviewed are easily removable, like the Hill Topper and Leed 30k, but others like the BionX SL 350 almost become permanent because they mount in the rear wheel.

I love the option of pedal assist and throttle but you'll pay extra for that and have to do some screwing around to get it setup vs. plug and play on the simpler kits. Here's a full list of the ebike kits I've reviewed. The Falco HX 500 is pretty sweet and can go on the front or rear wheel (front would make it easier to swap in and out so you could do regular riding).

One of the best resources I know of for getting tips and advice on creating your own electric bike is a forum called Endless Sphere. Some of the guys there are interested in performance modding (where you get a higher top speed and more power than is legal) but they're all really smart and might be able to help you out!

Maybe a couple more people will chime in here to help you as well, let me know if you have any questions about the kits I've got listed and definitely share what you end up with! I'd love to hear how it goes and see some pictures of the finished product :D