Retail as impetus: Orbit City Bikes, Columbus


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The key to promoting eBikes in the States is retail exposure.

1st things 1st - a plug for Orbit City Bikes in Columbus, Ohio. I'm an old hand in the retail world, and know how important it is for the eBike dealers to get a firm foothold. Someday, soon I hope, eBike shops will be a common sight instead of a novelty!
I stopped by yesterday. The owner, Tom Bennett, is at Interbike this week but his sister Susan did her best to help me out.
Orbit City looks like the little eBike shop that could. He has almost no competition by way of dedicated dealers in the entire state. I think he's been open about 10 months, and he has an awesome location, right in the progressive suburb of Clintonville, just north of OSU. He's a couple blocks from a reputable, busy local co-op grocery, tons of trendy ethnic restaurants, and laid-back hippie chic antique shops. Smart cookie...he took over space from a traditional bike shop that moved. I lived there for 7 years, and it was great to take my first eBike ride in my old 'hood! :cool:

Tom carries Easy Motion, Stromer, ProdecoTech and iGo lines.

I hope to make contact with Tom when he gets back from Interbike. I want to help him grow the eBike craze in our area, and I want to buy a bike! ;)