Retrofitting rear light to a brooks saddle


any ideas what to use to bond the plastic harness to the Brooks saddle (Swift). It looks like a pretty good fit actually - but I don't want to damage the leather with drilling anything, it would have to be a glue / epoxy that bonds to the tool bag mounts (titanium)

brooks_harness_2.jpg brooks_harness.jpg tail_light.jpg

any suggestions good people of EBR?


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Thanks for the tip!

Quick question : Do you think you can install one of this "lightskin" led seatpost on specialized turbo?

I don't mind to get rid of existing saddle lightning, as long as it does not break warranty.
Is there a clean way to disconnect original rear lights?
What do you think?

Also, could you provide more photo of how the rear light cabling is done? (from the saddle tube, to the actual LED) that would be awesome.