Return of the Watt Wagons "City Commuter" - Shipping April - May 2021 + big updates


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Remember this ? We launched the city commuter 10 months ago but had to pause after significant issues with the motor. However we have a big update.

We have worked with Bafang to accomplish the following. We feel strongly that this will benefit the entire ecosystem (beyond WW).

1. The stronger Nylon gear will be now factory installed ( I mean by Bafang). This is at no additional cost to consumers. The motor is extremely quiet (well, relatively) and we will have a full prototype build in a month / 45 days. All other manufacturers will also benefit from this update, not just us.

2. The new Archon controller will be available soon - we have the prototype working but extensive testing and production will take a bit. We will ship the bike with the stock controller, and riders can upgrade once we have that in stock. ETA June 2021 but so this will likely change (may also be sooner if things go well).

3. Bike price will be recalibrated due to updated shipping and component costs. The bike including bike, rack, fenders, belt drive (stock controller). Riders can upgrade to the Archon when it becomes available. Riders will have a choice of rigid and Suspension fork.

4. We will be offering custom single color paint options.

5. Bike will also be available in a stepthrough version. Frames are on their way (taking the scenic route through the atlantic as we speak).

6. Watt Wagons will also be selling the M600 motor kit with the new controller, and will provide an upgrade for existing owners (ETA June / July 2021) However, that being said, I just want to clarify that m600 is not designed for anything more than 1000-1200W peak. It gets insanely hot beyond that, and thermal dissipation is a huge issue. Innotrace is still working on identifying the optimal wattage and the goal will be to get as close to 750W nominal as possible. We expect the performance to be significantly better than the stock controller, and a lot more powerful. This will make for excellent entry level city or light off road bikes.

7. We will be picking a new name for the bike. Still doing some trademark searches. We will have the site and pricing up in a few days but wanted to share updates. :)


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Awesome Pushkar! You are going full tilt!

One thing I have realized is that making a good product and supporting it is not trivial. Thank you for being an awesome customer and to everyone here who reads and provides feedback.

We want to keep pushing the boundaries, and keep pushing for a better standard.

Thanks again.
ps: I got your email. I will respond in the next day or so.


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What??? Are you saying the new M600 has the better / upgraded nylon gear?

How is this not bigger news? This is EPIC.

Well done! Now do you have something to go up against the Luna X1 ? ;)


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I have the Luna X1 and Luna's tuning is an epic fail. Pretty much unusable at low PAS. Seems they tuned it for their ludi controller (not really a new controller, just a shunt to double current with thermal potting) and not only did they not tune all that well for ludi they also naively gave it to everyone whether or not they have ludi. SMH. Just got the BESST tool (Luna decided to offer it after so many complaints). Hoping my Luna X1 will perform much better after flashing to stock Bafang firmware. FLX and other M600 owners seem quite happy with the stock Bafang tuning. In addition to the overheating issues, I'm not sure if pushing more watts out of this motor is advisable with the nylon gear. Will the innotrace tuning be that much better? Does the M600 controller have higher sampling frequency than the Ultra? If so wouldn't it make more sense to just tune it "better" rather than replace the controller? Just don't see the innotrace controller cost/benefit being all that attractive unless there is something inherently flawed with Bafang's controller.