Returned my Diamondback Trace EXC today


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I returned my Diamondback Trace EXC to REI today.

I purchased the bike 6 months ago. Almost from the start the bike exhibited a 'pulling' in all levels. The local REI didn't have in-shop ebike techs, so I used REI's product specialists at their corporate offices.

I found the REI product specialists to lack in-depth technical or use knowledge about the bike. They essentially read the manuals to me - manuals that I had previously studied thoroughly before calling.

Over time I was referred to Diamondback, and their product specialists explained they do not support ebikes.

Then, it was over to Currie. The first time the wait was over two hours to talk to a tech and I didn't wait. The second call, the wait was about 30 minutes for a call that lasted five minutes.

No one could suggest a fix or pinpoint the problem.

I'm disappointed because the bike had most of the features I wanted at a price point ($1800), I could kinda justify.

I guess I should be looking for a LBS with dedicated ebike experience, then, look for a bike.


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By pulling, I mean I was pedaling, going anywhere from 20-25mph, and all of a sudden, if felt like the motor stopped working. I was thinking maybe a torque sensor

I would probably buy it again if it was down to 1100.


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so, electric bikes only assist up to 20mph (speed pedelecs go to 28mph). Once you hit 20, the motor cuts out and it does feel like you're dragging...because without the motor it is just you pedaling a 50lb bike at 20mph - that is HARD! All ebikes are going to operate like that however, so you won't find anything different elsewhere.