Review of seat post tire pump from Suchi (via Aliexpress)


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I wanted to do a quick review of a tire pump I purchased from this link at Aliexpress.

I had a Dahon Espresso that originally came with a seat post that doubled as an air pump. For my new NCM Moscow+ I wanted to have a similar seat post. I felt it was a handy place to store the pump and also moves a bigger volume of air than the little frame mounted pumps.

I ordered it in anodized blue at 31.6mm for my bike and it arrived in under 30 days to Canada from China. I tried it briefly but otherwise just mounted it on the bike. My existing seat fit great with the new post, no issues. Seems overall well made. The anodized blue seat post I picked has nice numbered markings on it so I can take the seat on/off or let other riders use it and quickly get the seat back to the exact height I like it.

I finally had a chance to use the pump in the wild and wanted to report my experience. Overall the pump worked well, the rubber air hose is "long enough" but barely. I since picked up an 5" extension hose from Decathlon for $6 and might add that to my bike bag. Other issues, I stopped for a rider who had a flat and presta valves. The pump does NOT support presta, I've since added a tiny adapter for Schrader to Presta and can just fit it in the pump itself, so yay! The pump itself seems well made and moves a decent volume of air, pumping up a tire is pretty easy with it. These pumps are never ideal and you are standing on one end of it while using the seat as a handle on the other end but overall once you are pumping air, it works a treat. As a seat post it works just fine, keeps my bum up, doesn't slide around in the seat tube.

Cost was around ~$30cdn ($23usd) shipped at the time I ordered.


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My Dahon Jack (I think same frame as the Espresso) also has a seat post pump. It is more cumbersome to use than a mini pump but is one less piece of clutter. I didn't know they were available for smaller seat post diameters. I've never ordered anything from Aliexpress and they aren't currently available on Amazon but when and if they are I might buy a couple for other bikes.