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"How far can you go?" is probably the most frequently asked question I get about my bike. The answer, of course, is "it depends" -- on how fast you want to go, how much you are willing to pedal, what kind of terrain I am riding, and even the temperature that day.

I think it would help a lot of people if there was a separate "battery test" review that compared the range of different bikes over a known course with a known rider (because different riders obviously can have different weights and probably different riding styles which can affect range). That way you could at least get side-by-side range comparisons between different bikes.

I ask for this because I strongly suspect that the range figures given by the marketing departments of e-bike manufacturers are largely works of fantasy. My own suspicion is that there probably is quite a bit of range difference between different models and brands, even if they have similar battery ratings and drivetrains.


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IMO, attempting to establish that kind of data would be an elaborate maze. As well, factor in that range diminishes as a battery ages and it all becomes a can of worms. From my experiences, deducting 20% from the range claims is a viable ballpark average.