Review: Topeak DXP trunkbag vs Rockbros lookalike on 700 rack


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These two bags look almost identical and are both priced the same but after purchasing the Topeak I am returning it and got the Rockbros – here is why:


I originally got the Topeak Velcro version of the folding pannier bag for my 700ST because I had used and liked the QuickTrack version on another bike but my 700 already had a nice beefy rack and nobody had the Quicktrack adapter plate in stock. Even if they did it would have added at least $40 to the price to buy the adapter and the QT bag - so I got the velcro version instead.

When it arrived, the bag came with way short front straps and wimpy looking under-rack straps. The front straps were only just long enough to reach all of the mating Velcro without being attached to anything at all! Attaching to any rack obviously makes them shorter. On my 700 rack they were barely long enough to attach and did not look secure. I even called Topeak to find out if I had received a bad bag but was told ‘no they all come this way’ - how dumb is that!


Second, the 700 has pannier rails on the sides of the rack and I saw that this bag’s side covers were hitting the rails before opening fully -so heavy loads in the panniers could end up hurting them.


Angered by Topeak’s stupidity in saving a few cents in Velcro, I set up a return with Amazon and ordered the Rockbros version which cost me $1 less ( it used to be about $15 less but has risen in price lately).

Their bag looks and feels the same but there are subtle differences.

  • The front straps are 3 ½ “ longer and do close fully when attached to a 700 rack – AS THEY SHOULD!

  • The center compartment is about 1” wider making the hinges 1” further apart so the sides do not hit hard against the pannier rails when open.

  • The under-rack Velcro is much beefier and longer than on the Topeak bag on the right

  • The bag is a little taller – 5/8” perhaps
  • The bag comes with a dayglo waterproof cover
Overall I am happy I made the switch and cannot recommend the Topeak Velcro bag because they skimped on Velcro.
In the following pics the Rockbros bag is on the left with the green trim






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Thank you very much...very timely and thorough review....the only thing i don't like about these bags are it takes a bit of effort and time to take off...the quick tract version of the topeak slides off quickly, although some have complained about it falling off at times....if you take the bag off frequently, neither bag may not be right for you....i also have a beefy rack on my espin but am leaning toward the rockbros....thanks again


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Certainly if you are a commuter and take the bag off every day then QT is the way to go. For my cruiser, the bag will only come off when I wash the bike or if it gets really wet so the extra 60 seconds it takes to remove/replace is not much of an issue for me.
On my QT bag I used a Hiplok steel ziptie to keep the bag from being stolen and use the same thing on my new Velcro bag ( its the red one in the pic) but primarily as a way to secure my helmet when in the store.
One other note - if you order direct from Rockbros website instead of Amazon, you can choose from several colors - not just black.


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It is true that bags are targets for thieves ( homeless mostly) but even more so for the easy to remove QT!
But if you are ok with always removing the bag wherever you park then it is the best choice. If not consider getting a Hiplok to make it hard for a lowlife to grab it and run. Velcro also makes it harder to grab and run so there are points on both sides....

My pricing comments still stand.
The DXP QT should not be way more expensive than the slightly smaller EXP QT - but it is!
Your $52 + $34 = $86 for the smaller EXP becomes $99 + $34 = $133 for the DXP (the model I reviewed) which is $58 more than the Velcro version!


you are correct.....and i think
bag i bought does not have rigid sides.....thanks for taking the time for this great comparison review

For me i will always take the bag off and take it with me...but your comparison for velcro are right on....i would get the rockbros bag if i was going that route
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