ReWIRING Kalkhoff ebike C D R?


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HI I recently acquired a 36v kalkhoff "tasman" ebike from a friend of mine but the battery was stuffed so I took the one from my a broken scooten that i had and attached it to the back, the problem is There ia 3 pins from the bike labelled C D R (refer photo) i've rewired so -C is BLUE, D is BROWN, R is BLACK, i have 3 spare wires one YELLOW, one BLUE, one GREEN, they other cable from the asian battery is just a red and black charging cable. Ive tried all the different 1 to 1 combinations to no avail, the bike has an impulse LCD which lights up and bike works fine for about 10 revoultions or 30 or so seconds then cuts power completely for about a minute of so and goes for thirty secs or so then cuts again and keeps looping like so. any help would be muchly appreciated :cool:


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