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I've been doing a good amount of reading and research before making my E-Bike purchase. The bike will be used mostly on flat roads a few times per week. Comfort and reliability are my main objectives. I am in my early 60's, 5'10" and my weight is 170. The NCM Moscow Plus and Ride 1 Up (700 or the new Limited model) were my main bikes of interest. Possibly even the Magnum Peak.
Any input would be appreciated!


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I found age 62 it became difficult to lift my leg over the seat because of the high bar. Started riding drop frame bikes. I'm as strong as previously, but not as flexible. So maybe look at step through versions?
Both bikes are geared hub motor which allows one to ride unpowered without drag. I mostly ride unpowered but the wind is higher now than 5 years ago. 25 mph wind in the face, on goes the power. Also the 61 to 77th hills on my weekly commute.
BTW the cardiologist that had to pass me before shoulder surgery spent $6000 of medicare money to prove "your heart has nothing wrong with it". Riding regularly without power has its benefits.
NCM Moscow has 3x8 gearing, which gives a wide range of ratios for climbing hills unpowered or helping the motor at 15 mph on long trips. The ride1up 700 has 7 speed x 1 apparently.