Ride safe ! Article video how fast accidents happen


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Scary to watch. I've had a few crashes when I was younger that I would not care to repeat at almost 60. And yes, folks do need to be extra careful when riding a fast ebike. Cars and pedestrians may not be expecting a bike to travel so fast. Maybe I'm just getting old, but travel by bike seems to have gotten more dangerous than it was in the 70's - 90's. Way too many distracted drivers these day.


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I had a deer run into me at about 25+ mph 6days ago, helmet saved my life. I have the biggest bruise i have ever had on my hip and swollen about an inch out. It was night i did not see her til she was on the trail and she pushed my wheel over to the right. It was the same as someone grabbing the handle bar and jerking it to the right at over 25mph, asphalt trails are my one my favorites to ride and least favorites to land on. "Wasn't my fault" doesn't hurt any less if it was my fault.


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opimax ... sorry to hear of your demise ... hope prognosis is good.
Many years ago when I healed faster (late teens/20) we rode motorcross. A friend and I trailer ed bikes out in country to ride. He was 20' or so in front of me ... we had just come out of woods on single trail to a field/ opening. To the right a hedge row / to the left an open field ... without any chance reaction a deer bolted out of hedgerow bounding and hit him broadside in the air ... laying him, bike and deer sprawled flat on the ground. 2 other deer bolted behind me ... close enough to see... I was plain lucky. Point is ... we had day light and no chance ... at night ... cant imagine. Also usually where there is one ...more are around.

heal up quick ... hows the bike ?

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I am sore but not as bad as it could be. 3 days later I rode 106 miles between Richmond and Williamsburg and back. Just can't sleep on my left side. It was my wife's bike and the end of her Ergon grip took most of it and is still useable but not new any more, thx

I have had Stromers only and for about 6 years now. I have some good luck and bad luck with them but all seem very rugged after some of the falls I have had.


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And he's a pro-cyclist with a long career and definitely no lack of experience at high speed cycling and downhill like this.

A malfunction, can happen every time to anyone. To bring this around to what these forums are about, e-bikes, think about hordes of average cycling Joe's, riding bicycles twice the weight of a normal bicycle at about twice the speed they would be comfortable with. Basically scooter speeds without the need for licensing or practicing a little.

I'm not advocating for regulation of course, but I hope people use some caution and common sense, for themselves and others and realise that e-bikes on the street require some restraint and mutual respect to and from other occupants on the road.


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that is why I'm checking equipment right now) Starting from helmet..., etc. Found some nice selection here (Link Removed - No Longer Exists) , thinking about those downhill helmets)


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There isn't a mandatory helmet law in NM for motorcycles and you see maybe 50% of the rider wearing them on the hwy with the speed limit 65-75 mph. It is a litter higher rate of around 75% for bicycles the usual places I ride (road/MTB is higher %, hybrid/comfort bikes way low). I always wear my helmet and eye protection, bright colors, blinking headlights when I share the road with vehicles, and no earbuds when riding.

I wiped out on my Radrover going too fast on a tight turn on a single track dirt trail that was a little soft and muddy. I ended up snapping the two upper stem bolts and bending a 3rd that secures my handle bars to the stem. It happened so fast, I didn't have time to do anything other than land on my back shoulder and bounce off the ground. Not a lot of fun riding home +4 miles with a floppy handlebar. I think what save me from more serious injury was I landed partly on my large Osprey back pack, the trail was a little soft from rain a few days early, wearing a heavy winter riding jacket, and I was wearing a helmet (head did bound of the ground). Just had a slight bruise on the shoulder and soreness for a few days. Could have been worst because there are spots with tree stumps/roots and rock on the trail.


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Blazing down the trail, as I have so many times. It had rained a few days before, but the trail was dry. Patch of pine needles on the bend of the trail. Almost there. Bike sliding out from underneath me. What's happening? Torso parallel with the handle bars! Let go of the bike, that's over, get ready for the next. Ground coming at me like a freight train. Three weeks later, my fractured shoulder is much better. Three more weeks of healing to go. Then....back on my Alation. Live and learn, but never give up the thrill!!!!!!!!!


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Looks like target fixation. If it was a helmet cam it definitely was. ALWAYS LOOK WHERE YOU WANT TO GO! Beside being a bit fast for skill level. Unfortunately we don't train eBikers like scooter and motorcycle riders. If people have a community college with a MSF course, motorcycle safety foundation. I highly suggest taking the course. ALL the principles apply. Target fixation is a very real phenomena.