Ride1Up 500 ST First Impressions


Ordered 500 Series ST on Tuesday night, was suppose to be delivered Thursday but didn’t get it until Saturday due to winter storms. Really excited to receive the bike so quickly, especially with so many bikes on backorder.

The bike box was in good condition when I received it from Fedex. I could not lift the entire unit vertically out of the box like they showed on the video, so instead I just laid the box on its side and carefully slid out the contents. They really packed this thing in very tight!!

I have a bike repair stand, so that really helped with assembly. The video showed how the bike was assembled without a stand, but I can only imagine how difficult that would have been to balance a partially assembled bike while trying to attach parts. The assembly video was pretty clear, though I watched the head tube & fork assembly multiple times, to make sure I got the wiring, spacers and compression rings in the right order and seated correctly. One small mistake in the assembly directions was related to the crank arm assembly. The video showed how to install the left crank arm (right crank arm & chain already installed), but my bike was the other way around (left crank arm preinstall, right crank arm and chain ring needed installation). I used torque wrenches to tighten everything according to spec and adjusted the derailer from the shifter wheel barrel to resolve some chain rubbing noises.

Looking over the bike, I did not find any scratches or bent parts. The bike was delivered in excellent condition. My girlfriend loves the color contrast of the tan seat/handle bars and matted, combat green frame.

The battery was already charged, so my girlfriend and I took it for about a two hour ride ride. The acceleration from peddle assist and throttle is very smooth and not jarring. We rode for about 20 miles, 1600 ft of elevation, using up one bar of electricity using mostly level 1 or 2 pedal assist. I thought this bike has 9 assist levels, but it only has 5. Maybe I got it mixed up with another model.

So far we are very happy with this e-bike. I would have liked something lighter and with a torque sensor, but that isn’t possible at this price range. She’ll ride it one or twice a week for exercise, so the price to usage ratio makes sense. We almost purchased Aventon Pace 500, but the abrupt starts and no throttle from standstill were contributing factors against it.


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The acceleration from peddle assist and throttle is very smooth and not jarring.
Please pedal, don't peddle.

Some others thought they would prefer a torque sensor, then they complained and returned their bikes in favor of a cadence sensor. So now, Ride1Up is going to be changing the LMT'D to a cadence sensor as well.