Ride1up customer service 5 *****


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I received my first e bike a couple weeks ago, A Ride 1up 700st.
Went together easily and everything looked great. But...
rear hydraulic brake would pull to the handlebar and no brake.
Called R1U and was told to take to local bike shop for brake bleed. I did they did and no change. Called R1U, lady talked to shop mechanic. I got email from Apollo next morning saying new lever would be shipped next day from Cal.
Shop installed new lever and hydraulic brake worked fine but motor cut off did not work.
Sent R1U email with pic of shop labor charge and told them of new problem.
Next day a full shop refund was placed in my pay pal account and I got email with link on how to adjust motor cut off sensor. Adjusting did not help. Following Apollos suggestion I move sensor from original lever to replacement lever. . Problem solved.

R1U answered the phone each time I called and I got email reply within 1 business day.
I have about 50 on the bike now and it looks and performed like it should..
Thanks to Apollo and R1U for great customer support..5 *****

If you are looking to buy an ebike and are high tempered, short on patience and expect perfection in every thing
then online buying may not be for you..s--- happens
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