Ride1Up Ltd Seat-post specs are incorrect

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A few words to the wise for folks that take cited specs at face value.
In the pursuit of excellence (and my never ending upgrading fetish) and I purchased a KINEKT X2 Seat-post. I got a great price break, but it came only in 27.2mm and requires a shim to fit my Ride 1 Up Limited's seat-post tube.
R1U's site https://ride1up.com/product/lmtd-2/ lists my seat-post as a "Promax 350mm x 31.6mm Dual Bolt" type and size.
I have a snapshot of that page from when I bought my bike that say's the same thing. "31.6mm".
When I went to do the change-out, my micrometer indicates the outside of the stock post is 30.4mm (NOT 31.6mm as advertised).
The Promax stamping is so bad, it took a magnifying glass for me to read, but it also says "30.4" on the housing.
I measure the KINEKT post, it's 27.2mm (exactly as advertised) and as is common with decent posts, the size is CLEARLY listed on the housing (white letters in fact).
I guess nobody changes these seat-post?
I bought this suspension post - after much research and a ton of study on owners input that post here -- to complement my new Selle Anatomica saddle, also the fruits of much input from the same knowledgeable owners -- but had intended to change out the old post eventually anyway.
The Anatomica is USA made. 👍 The stock 'Selle Freeway' saddle (a different, unrelated 'Selle" company making products in China) 👎never angled right for me and has raised humps at the sit-bone point (not sure who thought that up), the exact opposite of the 'hammock effect' common to all fine saddles.
Very uncomfortable, my sit bones slip off those humps and I'm never really seated, rather perched, balanced on two 1" square area rounded humps. My butt keeps sliding back and forth, side to side off the humps, seeking a sold platform. Your tail may be different, but that the stock seat fly's in the face of design -- known for 50 years (ala 'Brooks" and others) is a salient fact. It's like sitting on two semisolid basketball halves in your easy-chair -- one under each bun. Great idea.
I compared the stock seat-post and found it would not attach to my new saddle properly. From the start I've known it lacks any meaningful angle adjustment and it's set at the wrong angle. Any workaround to change the angle adds unacceptable stress on the saddles rails. I'm building this bike the best it can be, not hacking a $165.00 ($180 w/ tax) saddle for a $10.00 seat-post.
Opinion: Another example of why OWNER'S NEED A MANUAL, not videos (where the star took 25 tries to seat that impossible battery housing plate -- and 24 were cut to make it look easy), which should list accurate specs, but then so should company advertising literature - esp. more so, considering that's all they provide.
The Silver lining. When I had to buy the 27.2mm I rationalized 'Oh well. I can always use it on any bike with shims' (sigh), so it's future-proofed..
Looking back, it's a good thing I didn't find my seat-post in 31.6mm size.🤩 Guess I won the booby prize.
I have a decent non-sprung seat-post laying around, so in my (fetish again) exuberance I installed the Anatomica.
My, my that seat is comfy. Worth every dime (esp w/ the current $33 off factory deal). Go USA !!! The KINEKT combo must be awesome.
So as Ronald Reagan said: Trust but verify (not sure where he plagiarized that one, but I like it).
Excuse me. I have to order another shim 😡

Best regards to the crew that knew about saddles and seat-posts. You guys saved my butt.



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Thanks. It was pretty hard to find info about actual LMTD seatpost size. And I wasn't sure if micrometer is measuring 30.4 or 30.6