Ridecontrol Assist indicators


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Hello folks,
Sorry if covered before but just checking on the Ridecontrol (ONE) LED indicators and also about the 'pedal through' concept.

(1) Go through the levels down to one LED... understood.
(2) Go down one more click and no LED ... but can still Pedal pretty easily.
(3) Turn OFF the bike, try to Pedal... Seems a lot harder/stiffer than (2)

Any thoughts on whats going on in the background on (2) and (3)...?

Does (2) free up the drive train while (3) means you are pedaling a motor as well?



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Are you sure that there's not an led light off to the left side after you go down one from level 1? That would be auto mode and account for the easier pedaling...


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Nope, no led at all. To enter assist mode you hold down up/down button for 2 secs.

I think that changed with some firmware this year