RideControl EVO GoPro Mount


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Got my new Small framed Explore E+ 1 last weekend, after driving from Adelaide to Melbourne, 1550km round trip.
Had plenty of time to think of upgrades to do, extra lights/strobes, x-bar phone bag, lock mounts etc. on the way home.
Came up with an idea to mount my GoPro on the Evo mount.
Got home an drew up a solid model, then 3D printed a prototype in PLA, coincidentally the blue PLA I had is a close match to the bikes accent colour.
After the 1st print, I had a few changes to be made, bolt holes, GoPro slide clip area, so printed a slightly shorter version.
It mounts where the 2 half round brackets were originally on the back of the Evo mount, fits neatly over the handlebar stem bracket and holds the display central.
With the GoPro slots over to the side, it puts the lens on center of the handle bars.
Will see how it holds up to the UV, could change material and go with ABS or something else that's UV stable.

Went for a shake down ride this arvo, seems to work a treat, timewarp video from a GoPro 9 has great image horizon stabilization, so video is silky smooth.
Unfortunately got my first flat tyre on the way back from buying a gel seat cover, no tools/repair kit on me....

Just thought I'd share, yes there are other ways and mounts available to buy, this just cost me my time.


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Very sturdy looking design! Curious what material this is made from.
I have to laugh when you say that it just cost you your time. I guess you don’t include the 3D printer, computer/software to design/operate it, and material to make it from.😉


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As it's only a working draft, it's made from PLA, as it's a cheap material, but not UV stabilized.
Still have a bit of refining to do around the click fit to make the original GoPro mount fit better.
I have access to better printers at work that can print in ABS and other exotic materials.
As for my "time", I already have at printer at home, material was about 15m of filament, cost less than 1$, and took 5-1/2hrs to print.
According to the slicer program it weighs less than 50grams, not that weight is a problem on an eBike.
Set it printing, woke up next day to a finished part.