Rides well without pedal assist ?


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Which drive rides well without pedal assist ?
Which drive , is the most natural ride , with pedal assist ?

Chris Nolte

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Most of the mid drive systems do this well. If you're looking at a hub motor bike I would try to choose something with a geared motor as opposed to a direct drive. We sell a lot of Bosch powered bikes and I know many people that ride with and without power often. The weight of the bike becomes a bigger factor if you're riding without power. Check out the Felt SportE 85 HP. It's a little over 40 lbs


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Are you looking at a beach cruiser, mountain bike, road bike, cargo, or comfort bike?

I have two 750w rear hub Radrovers with PAS 0-5 and a throttle that is about 60 lbs out the box and maybe around 70-72 lbs with my accessories mounted (rack, rack bag, suspension seatpost, lights, fender). It also has a very comfortable upright riding position for long distance.

I wouldn't want to ride this bike without PAS because the extra mass, tail heavy design, and increasing wind drag because of the upright riding position the faster you go. I can only ride this bike without PAS at very low speed of 6-12 mph on level ground with no wind, if I have a stiff tailwind, or downhill using gravity assist. I don't think rear hub motors on average are as efficient and you will not get the same range as mid-drives. I never riden a mid-drive; but, they seem to be lighter in overall weight on average, more balanced on weight because motor/battery are low and center mounted, larger gear ratio, more gears, more advance PAS, can apply more tq longer on inclines, and front/rear tire quick release (if you need to toss in the back seat for transport).

You might find hub drives bikes can be cheaper compared to mid-drives versions. I was able to purchase two Radrovers for the price of one mid-drive. I sometimes take my wife's 7 lbs battery when I need to ride +30 miles as a back-up. I've gone as far as 36 miles on a single charge and 2X that range with the spare battery. Hub motor can also be very easy to fix, upgrade, or convert to a mid-drive ebikes for a longer road life.
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Unless the terrain is absolutely flat, I've found that switching off the drive doesn't work for me. My Trekking Sduro isn't kind to me when there is even the slightest uphill incline. It's not that there's any resistance in the drive, but just that the bike is too heavy. Yet it's only about 56-57 pounds including the panniers.


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they will all ride well, but as others have stated ebikes are heavy. So your ability/desire to use them with zero assist could be limited. My bike is around 50lbs and you really feel the weight when you try to get moving from a stop.

in terms of drive systems--I find that the mid drive provides a very natural feel. But this may also be subjective. For example, if you are a motorcycle rider, you may prefer a hub drive. I'm a mountain biker, so that prob contributes to my feeling about the mid drive products.