Right turn hand signal?


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The thing is, no one understands arm signals any more. I like to do an exagerated, extended, pointing motion with my right arm and hand. My wife disagrees but I see too many cyclists doing a hasty left turn signal with their left arm tight up against their body. Yes it's the correct signal but no one notices it. What ever you do it needs to be clear and exagerated. Arm signals were designed for use by people in cars. You only had your left arm available for signaling. On a bike you have both arms.


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Not in California... no skills needed!? ;)
From the CA DMV Drivers Handbook

"Signaling G66-21B (CA) Always signal when turning left or right, changing lanes, slowing down, or stopping. Signaling lets other drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians know your intentions. Signals may be given by hand-and-arm positions or using the vehicle’s signal lights. If bright sunlight makes the signal lights hard to see, also use hand-and-arm signals. – 60 – Motorcyclists often use hand signals to make themselves more visible. Bicyclists may give right turn signals with their right arm held straight out, pointing right. "


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The thing is, no one understands arm signals any more.
I'm pretty sure a lot of people, probably most, do understand hand signals still. Most people don't use signals at all, but they know what they are.

As FreeWheelie points out, a right arm signal is allowed on a bike in California, and I know it is in other jurisdictions as well. Use that if it makes you happy, where allowed. (It doesn't say you have to use your right arm though.) I still think consistency is a valuable safety consideration.

Turn signals are so helpful and easy, it really puzzles me why so few people use them. When you're on a bike your turn signals as well as those of the motorized vehicles around you can have a profound impact (unintended pun).

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Hand signals are very useful when done properly but I find that most cyclists, if they do signal, preform the signal for only a second or so and then keep their signal arm in close to their body where it's difficult to see. Signal big and signal early.