Riide launches 2nd generation 1.45kW e-bike with lease-to-own option


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Silicon Valley

Riide is one of those Kickstarter electric bicycle success stories, getting their start on the crowdfunding platform in 2015 in order to launch a sustainable e-bike business that has so far lasted the test of time in an increasingly competitive market. After differentiating themselves with a unique lease-to-own option, Riide is now back with their second-generation e-bike, the Riide 2. The Riide 2 uses a step-through frame and is powered by a rear direct drive (i.e., no internal gears) hub motor rated at 500W continuous and 1.45kW peak.

Strong direct drive motor, 180 mm rotor hydraulic disc brakes, integrated 840Wh battery, integrated lights, internal brake lines, Gates belt drive, etc. Then you add in that embedded tech like the 4G and GPS, and the $2,799 price starts to look more reasonable. Sure, you can buy other 28 mph e-bikes for half of this price
, but they aren’t going to last as long, require as little maintenance, or offer as many features as the Riide 2.


rich c

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Clean design, but I would like just a little more structure in the frame design. Putting a lot of faith in the weld quality without any bracing above the bottom bracket.