Riide V1.1 Review in San Francisco

Ann M.

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Court had the opportunity to test a production version of the Riide bike during this trip to San Francisco. A clean, light bike at 43 lbs with an internal frame mounted battery and simple, robust 350 watt direct drive motor for a nice silent ride. Note the water bottle mounts! :) And Abus folding lock. The takeaway is one 'tough' ebike.

http://electricbikereview.com/riide/v... The Riide V1.1 is a city style electric bike that's single speed and very sturdy. A tough, near-silent, single speed electric bike that's designed for urban use, clean all-black frame, motor, spokes, wheel set and accessories look cool. Only available in one "medium" frame size but the angled top tube improves fit for shorter riders, rack and bottle cage bosses add utility, nice upgraded pedals, saddle and grips. Throttle-only electric drive system, no fancy LCD displays or battery level indicator just a simple on/off switch on the downtube. Unique financing option includes a folding lock and year of bicycle insurance, stiffer frame, battery is not removable for separate charging.

Tara D.

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I think it's really neat that they offer a payment plan of $299 down and $79 a month and after 2 years you own it not bad!