Rio Citizen eBike - any experiences or thoughts?


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I am looking at an ebike because I have health issues, and would like to do some casual biking for exercise and fun out with my husband, but am concerned about running out of steam out on the bike path. So I like the idea of pedal assist to help get me home or up a hill. But I understand I have to balance that against the heavier weight of the bike, etc. I am 165 pounds, 5'4" tall. The Citizen Rio appeals to me because of the cruiser style and $999 price, and my husband likes his folding bike from Citizen. But I am concerned that this is only a 3 speed bike and about the smaller motor and battery (180 W front hub motor, 24V 9AH Samsung Battery Pack) on a 50 pound bike, and whether this is enough to really help me move? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated!


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Those do sound like very minimal specs on the Rio. If you will be riding up hills, you will definitely find the motor is lacking. It might be fine for relaxed cruising on flat ground. There are ebikes for not much more that have larger motors and batteries. I would spend some time reading the reviews in the Affordable Ebikes section of the main EBR website. That is what led me to the ebike I purchased (Magnum Ui5).

Speaking from my own experience with mail ordering an ebike, the most important thing is to find a dealer/bike shop that will be there for you if problems arise. Fortunately, I am familiar with working on bicycles and Magnum has been very helpful with the problems that have come up. If you are not handy with fixing bikes, then I would buy from a local shop, even if it costs more up front, or at least be sure that your local bike shop is willing to work on an ebike that you have purchased online.