RipCurrent S Display Settings ( New Bike )


Hello Group.
I received my new Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S yesterday Tuesday.Great bike Great color I got the Brushed Aluminum. I put the handles bars on and the front tire. The rear tire came flat which is normal I’ve read and I can’t test ride it yet until my new pump arrives from amazon. My Question is that when I hold up the Ripcurrent S and test the motor, light and display the bike will only get up to 20 mph showing on the display. I had another juiced bike in the past and when I tested it by holding up the rear tire and using the throttle only the display would show over 25mph. Is there a setting on the display that I need to change? Thanks

Bruce Arnold

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This would be operating to spec. By law, you should not be able to go over 20 mph with throttle-only. Your other Juiced bike was an outlier. My CCS tops out at just over 20 mph with the throttle. I don't know of any setting that would change this.


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My experience with the recent RCS is you can change it, thank god. Watch the youtube video on the display, enter settings mode and up the limit. At least that worked for me, and I’m so happy It did. Ps... my tires came properly inflated, but qc on these is know to be lacking.


BELOW IS THE LINK TO THE JUICED VIDEO ON THE 1ST VERSION LCD DISPLAY SETTINGS. While this is an old video, you'll get the idea how to manipulate the top end speed. Tip: make sure your tire size setting is correct or your speedometer will be off.