Rize 2020 leisure review



- good price for feature set Including fenders, rack, torque assist. I could not find anything in Canada close to this for the price.
- 20 ah battery has magic powers. 65 km on it (roads, major trail hills, sand, grass hills, small rock paths, full throttle usage) and it still hasn’t dropped from 100%. Briefly went down to 95% on a hill but quickly went back up again. Rider weight about 128 lbs.
- comfortable seat.
- 4“ fat tires and battery power make this perfect for rough terrain use. Doesn’t really need a special suspension seat post.
- rize on phone service is good, but even they did not recognize the noise these brakes were making.
- can carry decent weight on the rack. Great for panniers or shopping trips.
- great for extended and rough terrain trips in comfort. Overkill for city usage.


- original brake pads by tektro are crap. Had to replace front and back pads due to horrendous noise after 20 km. My rx pro now has the same problem and I will have to replace those as well.
- brake pads not aligned properly. Had to get that done at shop as well.
- bike is huge and heavy at 68lbs. Will be hard to handle for people used to lighter bikes.
- torque assist, even pas 1, can cause bike to jump ahead suddenly. If you are not ready, you can lose control easily just by the weight of it. Always start at 0 assist. This bike requires TRAINING for anyone who has not used an Ebike before.
- 4” inch wheels are overkill. 2-3” would have been plenty, but those were sold out.
- Risky to buy the bike without demo.
- very hard to store in an apartment. Manoeuvring this in and out of an apt is a job in itself. This is a garage bike.
- forget about lifting this bike down/up stairs or over obstacles, especially if you are a woman.
- if you are under 5’6 do not buy without trying first. In fact, ignore the height minimum and just demo it first.
- manual doesn’t mention missing nuts for the front axel were in the large plastic caps. Spent a lot of time looking for missing parts.
- Manual doesn’t even bother to tell you how to align the brakes, and it is very likely they will all be out of alignment after assembly.
- did not include tool or instructions to remove wood base from front fork stem. Required two wrenches to get proper contact on a very hard to access nut.
- It was a lot of extra work and expenses going to bike shops trying get the pads fixed and aligned. It has yet to be determined if RIZE is going to pay the $100 expenses I’ve had to put into this bike to replace the pads.
- rize email service is crap. Wrote 4 times over two weeks about different issues, still haven’t got a response to any of them. Phone only.

Final thoughts: You save money on nice features, but you have to assemble yourself. You can’t test it without going to their warehouse which may not be easy to do. The no.1 feature of this bike is the killer 20 ah battery.

I was not impressed with rize’s refusal to cover my expenses on replacing 4 sets (or even 1) of faulty brake pads that came with my two bikes. At first they didn’t know what noise the brakes were making, then they later claimed (after many similar reports) that this water noise was normal and all their bikes made it. It was this outright lying and denial that turned me off the company. I would never buy from them again. In fact, my YouTube videos have comfirmed many people have now changed their mind about buying rize bikes based on their bad service.

Next purchase will definitely be one from a more reputable company, where we can test ride the bikes before buying.
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I ordered my Rize X in March and it arrived at my doorstep on Vancouver Island in two days. It took me about two hours to put the bike together and for a guy who isn't too mechanically inclined I was able to get it all together without a major problem. I find that the handling and the speed of the different PAS levels to be nicely balanced and have not experienced the jumping as mentioned in the review above. I spend most of my time riding trails and the four inch tires are absolutely necessary to move through the mud and the exposed roots and rocks. The brakes work well, my only complaint would be that they are noisy from time to time, but my plan is to replace them with a different type of brake pad this spring when I get back onto the trails. There are lots of suggestions on brake pads on the Rize Facebook pages.

Currently I have over 1,300km on the bike, I'm 69 years old and I love the Bike.


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I have my Rize Leisure in the garage ready to go.
Haven't had it on the road yet, mounted a couple of reflectors, got some panniers.

I have already lost the black cap off the top of the RHS fork!! Damn.