Rize City vs Aventon Pace 350


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I will try to cross post in both Aventon and Rize sub forums.
In the fall I bought an Aventon Pace 350 for my winter home in AZ and have now bought a Rize City for my summer home in Alberta.
Price: both are very comparable in price especially after I added a few extras to the Aventon (more later). Both are exceptional values for the price.
Standard features: Aventon is very basically equipped, except the quality of parts is very good and equivalent to the Rize. The Rize came with fenders, rear rack, lights, an adjustable stem, and front suspension.
Added to the Aventon: I put on a rack and baskets, led lights, and an adjustable stem. Front suspension is not needed on city streets.
Component quality: both have Shimano deraileur, Tektro disk brakes, LCD display, Kenda tires
Power: The Rize is rated higher with 500W and 48V compared to the Aventon at 350W and 35V. But the perceived power by myself is that they are equally powerful in acceleration and hill climbing ability. The Aventon is quieter and may be more powerful - hard to tell.
Range: both have good range when used at lower PAS which I use.
Display: both have a good, but different brand display. The Rize reacts quicker to on and off. Trip reset on the Rize requires going into the settings menu - a nuisance. The Aventon resets the trip odometer every time the power goes off such as at a coffee break half way through a ride - again a nuisance. Don't like either. Like my older Bell speedometer that could easily reset the trip when I wanted to.
PAS:The Aventon uses the common 0 - 5 PAS range. The Rize is programmable from 0 - 3 to 0 - 9 PAS choices. I have been using 0 - 7 range (the default). This allows PAS 1 to be a slow and easy start and a slower speed for travel with other riders. On the Aventon PAS 1 is almost too fast (10 mph vs 6 mph for the Rize). But I end up moving through the PAS range much more with the Rize.
Power onset: quite different. Aventon requires a full pedal rotation to begin electric power; the Rize only requires about 1/4 rotation. Aventon is much safer when stopped, but requires pedal power to get away from a stop.
Thumb power: Aventon thumb power is only available at PAS 0 and after one rotation. Rize thumb power is available at all PAS and immediately available.
Charger: Rize is 3 amp and has a built in cooling fan. Aventon is 2 amp with no cooling fan and the charger does get hot.
Weight: Aventon is about 10 lbs lighter and is noticeably easier to pedal without electric power. The extra weight of the Rize is noticeable at rest or pushing the bike.
Step through: both are step through, but the Aventon is much lower and easier to step through.
Rigidity: Rize has an extra diagonal bar (higher step through) and is noticeably more rigid. I detect some wobble in the Aventon especially if I lean back a bit.
Ride position: the Rize has a more upright riding position and I find it more comfortable. I changed the Aventon stem to an adjustable one moving the handle bar higher and further rearward and that made the Aventon much more comfortable. Now no difference in comfort.
Built the bike: the Rize comes basically pre built with the handle bars almost the only part to be attached. The Aventon requires much more assembly, but the video on U-Tube and some mechanical ability make assembly easy.
Chose one: if I was to have only one of the two: very difficult choice as each is slightly different. It depends upon priorities. For me it would probably be about a 55/45 choice in favor of the Aventon, especially after the modifications.