Rize vs Surface 604


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Did anyone here consider also a Surface 604 Colt or Rook when making your decision to purchase a Rize Leisure or Leisure Step or City? What made you decide on a Rize over a Surface 604? Both companies seem to spec their bikes similarly and both use comparable torque sensor technology (which sets these 2 apart from most other manufacturers at this price point). Many thanks for your insights!


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Hey DrRx,

I compared the Rize (upgraded version) to the Surface 604 Colt. For me I noticed that the battery was smaller and it was also slightly more expensive. I also didn't really like the colour as I had a chance to see one in the wild when I was completing my initial research. I think the torque sensing is slightly different as the Rize bike uses a sensor in the bottom bracket and the Surface 604 uses some sort of torsion(?) sensor near the rear wheel. To be honest I'm not too sure if either one makes a difference. They seemed to get good reviews so you're probably okay with either or.


I personally believe the rize is a much better bike, smoother torque sensor, better built and better customer support, I have owned both