Rize vs Surface604 vs Rad Power


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Hi there. I’m a newbie doing research for a future purchase in Canada. I’ve been looking at Rize, Surface604 and RadPower bikes. All seem to have a good following and offer some great features. The Surface604 and Rize offer a few component upgrades from the Rad and I’m currently leaning towards a “Rize X“.

A key feature on the “Rize X“ is the more powerful hub motor and larger battery. Here in Canada, It comes with a 750W hub motor and 19.2 Ah battery vs the 500W motor and 17Ah battery on the “Rize“ and 500W 17 or 20 Ah on the “Leisure”. I’ve read some models of the “Leisure” might have also come with 750W as a feature upgrade, although the current spec is 500W.

Wondering if anyone has tried the Leisure and the Rize X and can comment on whether the extra watts on the 750W makes a noticeable difference.

All comments much appreciated.
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