Rocky Mountian Powerplay 2020 A50 Altitude Electrical Issue?


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Hi all
I have recently purchased an new Powerplay A50 2020 currently 6 weeks old has 12 rides on it and we are general weekend riders and not DH smashers, just bush trail riders.
All was going great with no issues until yesterday when it just stopped for no apparent reason on a flat level forest road.
First it disconnected from the Ebikemotion app and within seconds the bike turned its self off .. at this stage the last power display had said 67%. It would not turn back on straight away. After several attempts it turned on but with flashing White /Purple led flashing. I cannot find any source to explain the Purple led meaning. I do know the blue for the bluetooth connection and it wasn’t that colour.
The bike now would not turn on after it turned off by its self again. Rode it home as a very heavy analog bike.
Once home I tried charging which worked fine. Tried again and no joy. I tried reconnecting the charger and then the bike worked fine whilst connected to the charger(obviously not ridden) and the App worked no problem whilst connected to the charger but when disconnected from charger and turned off... wouldn’t turn on again...
Hoping someone has some light to shed on this or may have come across the same problem..?? Maybe IWOC ?