rode an easy motion evo eco today


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there is a used one at archer bikes in phoenix
it looked almost new if someone is looking for one
the people there were very nice and i learned a lot

they have haibike and magnum
and a few used ones, prodeco etc
not as many as i hoped to see and try out

not having a lot of luck finding well stocked electric bike shops with lots of bikes to try

but these guys were very helpful and said they will work on any bike regardless of where it was bought etc
they were very complimentary of the haibikes
but i just read some more feedback/reviews from some of the haibike owners and feel these are great bikes but probably not what i want

the bh eco felt very similar to my cemoto in the pas system , more on/off /surgy than i want
the power seemed a little less than the cemoto using throttle
this kind of surprised me

the magnums throttle is controlled through the pas i think, it was not throttle override

overall i loved the step thru but did not like the ride or the bike very much
probably be much better with a suspension seat post

the haibikes were large frame, really big bikes so i did not even ride them

guess right now i am leaning toward the flux
learned more about frame sizing/fit today and looking over the measurements compared to my cemoto think i will be ok with it size wise

i love this site and reading all the great stuff on here
and appreciate everyones feedback etc


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A suspension seat post is needed on almost all ebikes, IMO. I put one on my EM EVO Street and yes, it made a difference in ride quality.