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I am awaiting delivery of my new rad mini step through. One of the reasons I bought it was to be able to put it in the back of my SUV, I’m still a little worried about lifting 70 pounds into the back. Once the bike is folded, can it be rolled up a ramp to help me get it into the back of the car?


My "older" mini (2018) spends a lot of time folded in my Subaru Crosstrek and has been all over the country (I have a couple of other bikes that I can also get in, but the mini is the easiest). The 2018's supposedly were a little lighter. But remove the seat and battery and that cuts 8-9#'s off. I've kind of got loading this bike down to a science. I'm 73, 5'9" and 151#'s, but have lifted weights for most of my life, so lifting a mid 50# net weight bike is just an arm curl to me. If I think about it I'll use my weight belt. So depends on your comfort level on lifting and your SUV model. Some people have put folders in a tote, but I find that more of a PITA. Just lift and roll it in. I also use a couple 8" ball bungees and some foam to hold the bike/handlebar together. Rolling up a ramp - I suppose you could. I just haven't done that.

BTW - my mini has been flawless. No issues at all. And it is used very little on pavement - mostly forest roads, jeep trails, flat single track, sand, mud and at the beach.


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It's a little difficult to roll into the back of an SUV when folded. That said, I can roll my RadMini into the back of my Rav 4 unfolded if the rear seats are down, if I remove the seat and lower the handlebars.
As the previous poster said, removing the battery prior to loading helps. I also remove the seat and post, even though I have no trouble loading the bike with both on.
I will say that I find I don't load up the Mini as often as I thought I would, because I can explore pretty far from home with the bike itself. It's also easier to just ride the bike to our area recreational trail, which is about 6 miles away, mostly uphill, than it is to load and unload it.