Roof rack for 50kg bikes with winch?

Peter Nicholson

New Member
I tow a caravan and the maximum allowed weight on the tow ball is 75kg which is what the caravan nose weight is, so I cannot put a bike carrier on the tow ball to carry my 22kg electric assist bike.

My car roof can carry maximum 75kg so can carry the bike on top but even with the 2.5kg battery removed it would still be a struggle to get it on the top of the car. The roof bars and bike rack must be rated for electric bikes ie 25kg carrying capacity otherwise warranty would not cover bike damage (they would suspect it fell off an inadequate capacity rack).


Which roof bars and bike rack are suitable for ebikes, potentially two bikes total 50kg?

Are there any systems for winching the bike onto the roof? I saw someone do this with a wheelchair.