Rover upgrade Peak 114A @ 60v (6kw)


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After latest upgrades the beast now puts out Peak 114A (battery DC) @ 60v leveling to 80A.
Still smooth riding 😎


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I have 2018 Rad Wagon Cargo 26”x2.30”tires. I only run 48 volts right now! I have the Samsung 35E cells. I upgraded to 21700 cells Samsung cells! I upgraded to controller 35amp modified the shunt diy version! Fully programmable color screen! 1600 watt peak power for 48 volts! I want to upgrade the hub motor convert the factory direct drive hub too small. The QS 205 6T Hub Motor paired with the Sabvoton 150-200 amp! 72volts 40amp battery. Up grade the
After latest upgrades the beast now puts out Peak 114A (battery DC) @ 60v leveling to 80A.
Still smooth riding 😎

forks the 120mm suspension forks and hydraulic 4 piston brakes a must! The Geared Hubs have plastic planet gears and bearings failures! Bottom line Direct drives bikes are more efficient! Saving you money on wear and tear parts! Regenerative or Dynamic Braking too! Thank you for sharing this info. Keep on building!


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My mods short list here.
3000 Miles with same gears with modded motor. Regen braking working too 🙂
Light motor with good torque with little current.

Rad POWER bike!!
This is real controller upgrade 6000w Peak 😎

Mods list.

- Controller 60v 64A modded to 114A Peak (custom).
- Custom 60v 24Ah lockable downtube battery (16s6p Samsung 40T), 120A(continous) BMS Custom downtube battery
+ range extender fast mount rear rack G80 60V 17.5Ah = 60V 41.5Ah (2400wh)
- Vented high KV G062.1000.DC motor with real time BT temp logging system, higher gauge wiring and reglued magnets. Welded clutch.
- Magura MT5E brakes, Galfer f223/r203 rotors
- Shimano 8 speed trigger with 11-42t cassette.
- Derailleur Shimano 9s RD-M3100 + hanger extender (modded)
- 52t Deckas chainring (58t litepro on the shelf)
- XLC CR-A19 chainguide (modded)
- double heavy torque arms (modded)
- STD zero Pro pedals
- 780mm Pro Devil 30mm riser bar
- Wuxing 130X thump throttle
- full mountaingrips
- 3000 lumen bullboy headlight (12v 2.5A). Micro tail light.
- 120mm Air fork with rebound adj and remote lockout.
- Red smooth II suspension seat post
- custom kydex "carbon" skid plate
- Peak 6kw power.
- Over 40mph.
- 0-30mph ~3.9sec
+ Some other mods & parts


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