RX 29 OEM tires - manufacturer notice


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The "Racing Ralph" tire, performance line, that the Haibike 29er comes with, has a notice on Schwalbe site that reads exactly like this: "NOTE: This is an out and out competition tire! Puncture protection and durability are limited!"

"Out and out competition". That is the defined use by the tire maker.

The above is straight fact. What comes below is just my opinion.

Ebikes should come with robust tires. Ebikes are fast, and ebikes weigh more than regular bikes. Basically Haibike has chosen a fragile racing tire for the Xduro RX 29.

One alternative, the Schwalbe Smart Sam Plus, is a much more durable and puncture-resistant mountain bike tire that costs almost exactly the same retail. Please switch to that for OEM! :)
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