safety on bikes-lights/reflective vests etc

Ken M

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Good luck with your recovery and surgery! ;)

I just post this information to show how quickly something can happen. I know that 99 times in a 100 something like that is just a slide out with a skinned knee or something but it was one post right there that changed everything. Currently is more frustrating than anything because the extension contractions of the muscles just didn't allow the bones to go back to normal (I guess this is normal because 6 people that have broken their necks came up to me at different times and all said they had the corrective post surgery as if there is no way to avoid in unless you spend months in a halo and I didn't want screws in my head. Maybe I should have talked about that option but I didn't even want to be in the hospital but the pain was too much so I knew I was messed up....


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hope the surgery goes great!
and things can happen super quick even when you are being really careful


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saw 3 cyclists in tucson tonite with barely visible lights and dark clothes

one had a big white jacke/nothing reflective though
but when they turned the corner you could see their big dark colored backpack and it from the back they were hardly visible
this stuff drives me nuts, especially when some driver will get sued for hitting them when they do not show up at all


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Most of the poor bike riders in town wear black, don't waste money on lights, ride on the wrong side, don't stop for traffic signals or signs, don't yield right of way. The club riders wear candy colors but never slow down for anybody.
Many car people don't follow rules either. The car that hit me labor day did a right turn on red at 25 mph into the 3rd lane and accelerated away after knocking me off. Bruises and scapes only, PTL.
I have a cygolite metro 800 headlight with a pretty strong flashing daylight mode. Really bright and noticeable, when I'm at stoplights I try to make sure it's not pointing directly at the oncoming cars and I also have it pointed downward so it doesn't shine directly into oncoming traffic. Even then, I had a driver start cursing at me from across the intersection once saying that the flashing light was "too freaking bright".

Taillight is a nightrider solas 250, also really bright and noticeable in the daytime.

I think the most noticeable lights I have are some inexpensive blinkers (around $5 each) that I strapped onto the back of my helmet. Not as high tech as Lumos, but functionally effective. One of them flashes only red, and the other is a red/white/blue flasher (not sure if blue is legal?). These lights aren't very powerful, but they don't really need to be. They catch driver's attention because they are up higher in the visibility range, and because they are not stationary with me turning my head and looking around all of the time. They're also pointing a little to the side, maybe giving me a little more left and right noticeability.

In the daytime, all the lights are blinking, but at night I set the headlight and taillight to solid, and the keep the lights on the helmet blinking.


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I have a Reevu motorcycle helmet. It has a built in periscopic rear view mirror. It’s not lighting related but a great safety option. Definitely worth it.

Supposedly they were working on a bike helmet version but I can’t find it.

Are there any similar bike helmets?


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Thomas Jaszewski

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Great link on how to do the lights off the battery

I am chicken to do the electrical stuff but really like the 4 -12 v led strips , might see if a friend can help me do that at some point
I've gotten a lot braver and learned to follow what those in the know do. For example, the tap Grin sells. I bought one and opened it up and am replicating with the XT60 and XT90 connectors I use on some builds. I bought the same poly fuse used in the Grin Anderson Tap.

Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 12.25.39 PM.png
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Here is the latest from Cygolite... extremely bright and very visible with 7 adjustable modes. ;)

It’s an amazing big solid light. Thanks to you ,I had ordered few days ago and already installed it. Has good mounting options.


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I have sen a couple of the jackets on my rides home not super bright but noticeable. my wife got me the new lumos helmet.
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steve mercier

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my headlight is 800 and my flasher is 850 I think (G) but when your going 20+ mph you need that much light to keep up with you.
Do you mean to light up the path in front of you or to warn cars? For sure brighter is better for lighting the pathway but who likes driving towards a car with high beams on?


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Do you mean to light up the path in front of you or to warn cars? For sure brighter is better for lighting the pathway but who likes driving towards a car with high beams on?
both really. got solid to see and flash to make sure they know it is a bike. I have them pointed towards the road.


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It is rare that I see a bicycle with lights on bright enough to blind me and we have lots of bikes in Tucson

And just happy that I can see them, I don’t care if their lights are blinding me for a second, it’s just one light Or two, it’s not like having a car with highbeams pointing at you