Samebike xwlx09 750w variant question(s)


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Hi guys!

I’ve been reading on this forum for some weeks, as on other forums as well.. but decided to ask here the question! Please move this post to the right sub forum if required.

In advanced, sorry for the long story but I want to explain it correctly! You can skip to “long story short” part.

The story
I bought my first ebike after 3 months comparing, prices, specs and other stuff and decided to buy a “Samebike xwlx09”, there’re several types but I’ve found a “local” store in the Netherlands that sells it, with a 750w G060 20”750w dc bafang motor, 10Ah battery 48v. 18A controller.

As is it’s Chinese(doh), I bought this bike with back in my mind “what if”… what if something breaks, replacements and/or other stuff..

You might can guess now.. he found a issue! And you’re right: “the S830 LCD display, P-settings are factory locked” samebike support confirmed this to me, but refuses to provide an replacement. Do I care? Sort off.. i want to change those settings for off-road!

So you could skip above reading, but gives an idea what I actually think before I buy.

Long story short
What’s good:
Bike is strong, solid, compact, foldable, as I’m using it for going offroad with my amazing dog (20km/12mile tracks).

What absolutely sucks:
Lacking in support and this weird way of factory locked display.

Bike specs
- Motor: sw-py 48v20”750d2107 0229
I found out this is the “real” 750w bafang motor, which as this forum states.. is being the only good thing about the bike :)

- Controller: x863-AAM004A, 18A brushless
nothing on Google, Chinese websites what brand this is or type. it’s a custom OEM controller, which cant talk to/with a bafang (750C) and KT (lcd8h) displays… and must have a male connector. (5-pin, green)

FYI; We don’t have any real hills in Netherlands… just a lot of sand roads, grass and gravel.

The options, sort off.. more or less:
1. find an open s830 display
- must support protocol 2
- must have an male connector
- talk with/to the controller

2. Buy several different display and hope for the best and return if needed (amazone!)

3. Replace the controller and display

Now I’ve got stuck on option 1 and 2, after research and correct me if I’m wrong, I found out:
  • controller can and should be an 22a instead 17a.
  • The motor and battery can and should handle it (48x10a with 750w motor).
  • Motor uses the thicker plug then 350/500w variant (to controller)
  • Best is a KT variant type with same brand display
I don’t want to buy something and hope for the best. I want to buy something that’s sort off.. compatible with the motor (wires) the controller can, if required) go on frame with a box.

Technical details

The bike:

The controller: (I’ve found something similar;

The display:

The battery:
See picture

Do you need more info before you guys know some answers? If so, ask.

First question
what do you think I should do?

Second question
What is a ‘trusted’ seller regarding those controllers, display that I can order?


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