Samsung Smart Bike Concept


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I saw this video in a post from @DDuB420 and thought it was really cool. The prototype bike has an integrated smartphone mount, cloud based community software to chart bike path use and aid in community planning, rear view camera to capture accidents and harassment and side mounted lasers that paint a bike lane down at night to help create space around riders. I'm not sure it's actually an electric bike but the features are very cool... remind me of the Vanhawks Valour with haptic feedback when cars pass etc.

It's really exciting to see how technology can improve bicycling by making people safer and more efficient. Bikes are awesome but with this kind of support they can truly become transformational in communities.


Its not an electric bike but all you need is to install a Bionx type kit on it and away you go. :) I'am a strong believer that as the years go on technology and biking will be ever more integrated. Bike computers w Celluar integration, rear view cameras, laser guidance systems, heart rate monitors, proximity sensors, and bio-metrics will eventually be standardized in the ebike market as we know it. Its a very exciting time for electric biking, can wait to see how the tech changes it in the next few years.