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I bought aa sandviper 300 miles ago, I live on Miami Beach and it fits the lifestyle . basically it's my primary transport ..... 350w 36v.....first timeni took it on the sand the throttle spring busted... I still ride now in pas mode only. The dealer was a wholesaler with no knowledge or impetus to help me
And the company website has repeatedly told me to go to dealer for help. I hope I can replace easily the throttle assy onlybamd not the brake lever too. however I cannot find the manufacturer or part number for this part. If possible I would like to upgrade the throttle as it should take alil punishment if it is to be used off road. I figure I hit a bump and had throttle active and this busted the spring. Or at least I can order or buy at store front ....the dealer only accepts e checks and take 7 days to clear and 7 days to ship. Oh and its business days only and the shipping is more than the part. Can anyone help?

Sand Viper

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Rafaelnfla, here's a couple of SSR Dealers that normally sell our pit bikes and etc. But they should be able to order the part you need for your Sand Viper.
Approximately 11.7 Miles from 33109
4275 NW. 77th Ave.
Miami, FL33166
(305) 822-6808

Approximately 19.7 Miles from 33109
16300 SW. 137th Ave.
Miami, FL33177
(305) 254-7765

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Yeah, I'm having the same problem. My crank broke and I'm having a hell of a time getting a replacement. If you do buy this bike make sure you buy it locally. I bought mine off of Amazon from a dealer 500 miles away that is really dragging their feet. Ssr will not help you, they pass the buck to their dealers so make sure you buy it from a dealer you trust. And if anyone knows where I can get a bottom bracket with a 120mm shell, 179.5mm total length please let me know.