schwalbe big ben 700 x 50 raceguard


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hello all ,

looking for first hand experience with the big ben ... would like to outfit my city / trekking bike with same. looking for a tire that is good on the street but also can do some light duty trail / path riding. My present tires are Schwalbe 50 energizers ... great tire .. little rolling resistance etc.
Want to retain puncture resistance and longevity if possible ... please chime in.

tks, B.


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thanks for the tip on the Marathons , going to try and find a store locally that stocks them so I can take a look / see.

safe biking to you



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tks for the tip ... mr mailman brought some 700x50 Marathons this afternoon. Poor weather here in SC (worse at coast) so spent some garage time mounting them up.
Tight fit in the front fender so had to make the top bracket slot deeper to allow clearance. Did an ever so short ride to end of street but couldnt really get an idea of ride quality yet.
Defiantly fills bike out ... looks a little beefier ... eager to try on light trails and road.
pic files too large to post.

rgds, B.

Was able to get some miles in today ... equally good on the road and took the sharp edge off bumps and hwy cracks etc. also tested it on a dirt / sand path for several miles and this si where the real difference was ... stayed up on the lose surfaces and bike behaved well ... has made this city trek bike a good multi surface machine ... very pleased with the results.
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Mounted them 50 miles or so ago ... Nice tires

IMG_20161017_183056.jpg IMG_20161017_183043.jpg

dm nelson

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Looks like another long lasting, durable Schwalbe tire, similar to the marathons I have on another bike. Hopefully they'll put out a similar fat tire, 26x4. The jumbo jim they offer would be great for sand & snow, but roads, not so much.


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Bought a pair of Big Ben's in late summer 2015 for an Easy Motion Neo Cross. What a difference in the ride. Highly recommended if you are like me, +250 lbs. Probably the max width for the 19mm stock Alexrims. The only problem was the rear tire couldn't be mounted on bike when full. Moved them over to an Evo Snow and haven't looked back. Even did a half century on it last summer and was shocked at how easy it was. Trying a 125 miler this summer.