Schwalbe tire question


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"After all you aren't riding a Huffy"...that's great.. thanks John
I will try the soapy water approach this weekend and see if it fixes..that's a helpful tip, thank you! if it doesn't work am taking it in next week.
Today the securing bolt fell off my front fender...sigh...and it is raining out. What kind of week is this? a minor repair I think I can handle.
This has been helpful and supportive, and I feel better. I have never posted on a forum before, so thank you so much. Impressive reflective sidewalls!


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Yeah the SCHWALBE reflective sidewalk and logo on my G-Ones are basically stickers. My sidewall stripe is good and evenly applied but the logo stickers are getting pretty torn up already. That’s ok by me as long as the reflective sideway stays good and visible. I used the flash on my phone to take this picture which shows how well the reflective tape shows up, even in full daylight!View attachment 69468
Here's another solution.: add reflective stripes to your rims... they are easy to apply and last forever. ;)
I did this with a few of my road bikes back in the day... the stripe is precut and available in a range of sizes.