Science says buy an e-bike if you want to cycle more and leave the car at home


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Great article on the benefits of EBikes... this should not be a surprise to most EBR members. ;)

Bicycles are perhaps one of the best all-around alternatives to car transport, especially in urban environments. And now a new study has shown that cyclists who switch to an e-bike can end up quadrupling their daily riding distance. The new study, which was published in the latest edition of the journal Transportation Research, studied two groups of people to determine their cycling habits. The first group of cyclists who had recently purchased an e-bike was compared to a second group of pedal bicycle riders who were interested in an e-bike but had not yet made the purchase. A travel diary was used to study the cyclists’ riding behavior and the study was conducted over a six-month period.

The researchers found that the new electric bike riders increased their average daily cycling from 2.1 km (1.3 miles) to 9.2 km (5.7 miles), or an increase of around 340%. During the same period, the control group of pedal cyclists showed a negligible change in average daily cycling distance. Additionally, the study found that the e-bike riders increased the share of bicycle transportation as a percentage of all transportation methods from 17% to 49%.



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When the state ripped up all the entrances/exits from Hwy 62 for 2 months of paving, leaving a magnificant 11' single lane for my 8 mph bike and all the trucks behind me, I added 5 miles to my 30 mile twice weekly commute. With electricity it is not such a p*** as it could be. New route goes 200' down into a hole at the Ohio river town of Utica, then back up again. I hit 40 mph on the downhill portions. Electricity makes the climb back 8-10 mph instead of 1.5 pedal powered.