Scorpion X Controller Recalls


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Hey everyone,

Just had an interesting phone call with Juiced after not being able to get through for almost two weeks (and no response to multiple online tickets). My wife's brand new (less than 10 miles on it) Scorpion X started throwing Error 30 on it. It worked great for a few short rides and is kept indoors. I re-seated the wiring harness half a dozen times with the same result.

After finally getting through to a human at Juiced yesterday, they told me there have been massive/widespread issues with the controllers on new Scorpion X's. They mentioned they've sent new bikes out to people only to have them die again. Supposedly they are mailing me a new controller before the week was out, but I'll believe it when I see it. The guy on the line was nice enough, but couldn't give a good answer when I asked why they weren't being proactive about this and contacting new owners. I surely would have appreciated an e-mail from Juiced acknowledging the problem.

Disappointing for sure. My first experience with Juiced. Scorpion X seems like a fun bike and we're excited to get it going again, but it's definitely put a sour taste in our mouths after it was so difficult to get in touch with them, and this is apparently is a very known/common problem that they are not addressing proactively.

Just FYI if there are other new Scorpion X owners out there.