Scouting For Group Rides


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One of the things I have been using the Specialized Turbo for has been scouting possible group ride options for my coworkers and myself on our road bikes. Allows me to be a little more adventurous and not worry about getting stuck in too challenging routes and climbs. I can also scout two rides a day with the two batteries.

Today, winds were a steady 15mph according to WeatherBug (rural midwest, yea!). 1,400+ feet of climb. Good ride though. Battery died at 31 miles. I had toted the spare just in case. The first half, with the wind mostly, I only used 37%. Made the turn south and it drained fast.


Those are the stats. I had set ECO to 50% and spent most of my time in it, only using Turbo on a few of the steeper hills. I have come to the conclusion that Regen is negligible.


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Oh and in case anyone wondered - it keeps separate odometers for each battery, so the BMS circuit must store that info.


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Very interesting Marc... I've heard that regen offers very little in the way of actually refilling batteries so it's always fun to hear from an owner and see evidence like this. It's cool that the batteries can be measured and tracked separately as well, I feel like the Turbo was built very thoughtfully by Specialized... You get what you pay for ;)

Ed Busk

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I saw some analysis suggesting regen offered about 8%. I think I have notice a very slight difference (if I brake very gently as I approach lights) but not much.


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during a recent trip I finally noticed some regen effect and realized that is I am in regen and I ACTUALLY PEDAL then the regen actually moves my battery percentage up.