Screen Protector


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image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg Hi all. Just a little tip I learned from my RC Helicopter days.
To help protect your LCD Display .
Just get a universal screen protector kit. I got this one from Walmart .
The screen protector comes with a grid backing so you can cut it to the right size you need it to be.
Then just clean your display, to make sure there is no dirt or dust on it.
Than just peal off the backing, and line it up and put in on the display and rub in from the inside out to get the air bubbles out.
If you did not get it on right, you can just peal it up and do it again. This stuff is real easy to work with. And last a long time too. I have it on my RC Transmitter for 5 years now , and shows no wear at all.
With the pice that you cut off you can trim it to fit you chain stay and tape it on with some Transparent Tape because the screen protector will not stick to it by itself. Now you have an almost invisible chain stay protector . I have had this one on for two months now. Still looks good yet! Keep looking up! Ken.