SDURO 48t chainring conversion


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Thanks Gdogg. My bike is a 1x9, so no front derailleur - only one chainring. And I'll see if my stock chain will fit a 44 tooth. Keeping my fingers crossed!


My apologies for waking up this older thread. Just wanted to know if the OP every made any changes and the results.

I have the 2017 SDURO Cross 4.0 (with Yamaha PW motor). I am not going to delimit the motor (I may re-think this in the future, but unlikely). I would also like to change the chainring from a 38 to a 44. I would also like a chainring cover (protector?) to fit if possible. When I'm traveling down a slight incline, I'd like to gain more speed with pedal power. With a 38 tooth ring, I'm peddling very fast just to maintain 20mph. I'm thinking a 44 tooth would allow me to pedal at faster speeds with the same cadence of maintaining 20mph right now. There are no major hills to worry about losing at the low end with this change.

I took off the current chainring (see attached picture). Can anyone recommend a 44 tooth that will replace this? And possibly a cover? Thanks for any help!
That would apear to be an inner chaining


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I'm interesting in finding out how your 48T chainring conversion ultimately turned out. I have the exact same bike and would also like to know what parts you ended up with in your final solution.


I have a giant dirt E+2 and changed my 38 tooth front chainring to a 44 tooth chainring. My bike has a giant tuned yamaha PW motor with a greenped dongle. I wouldn't go larger than 44 tooth as you would loose a lot of torque and I find now if its windy I cant use the smallest 11 tooth sprocket on my cassette.