SDURO Trekking 6.0- Getting to know it

Saratoga Dave

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Re touring, I did the Erie Canal across NY last fall on my Trek with a Bosch Powerpack 400 - not even a 500. While I would not recommend it without a second battery, I’m certainly glad I went. Libraries, some town parks, convenience stores and, along the Erie Canal at least, dockside power points... there was always someplace to pick up a few miles. Still, it added a lot of range anxiety to the trip, that’s for sure! It also added a good hour or more to any day in charging time. On the other hand, I had a lot of nice conversations with people while charging that I would have missed otherwise.

These days I always carry a charger in the panniers if I’m going any more than 30 miles with any hills or softer surfaces, but I haven’t had to buy that second battery yet. I will buy one before the next multi day trip, a 500 for sure.

One of my favorite rides is just under 40 miles out and back with a nice riverfront park right at the halfway point. Though I could make it on a charge if I stay in Eco most of the way, I always bring a Kindle and just hang around for a half hour in that park picking up some electrons before the ride back. Very pleasant.

Definately more touring in my future with this bike though, no question about it.
First issue (minor) very slow leak in tube valve, which was hard to diagnose. New tube on rear, trying Sunlite Thorn resistant for a heavier duty tube. We will see.
Over 400 miles now but still learning.
Well, putting the bike up and getting the skis out. Will try to remember to check the battery once a month and give it a little boost. 500 miles, less than I had hoped but still hoping for Natchez Trace in the spring. We will see what life brings.


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I've had mine for a week but weather here is turning cold and snowy as well.. Just 100mi. so far
Great bike, best of luck with it.
Like you, my present ride is a "hybrid" type city bike.
One of the best changes I made was switching to a "butterfly" type touring handlebar, with an adjustable stem.

I was wondering if anyone would know if such a handlebar can be used with the Haibike trekking.?????
btw: I'm anxiously awaiting delivery on my 2018 trekking .
I installed Jones H bar on my 2016 Trecking with no problems. Really happy with them.
First couple of rides of spring and everything seems the same as last fall. Checked the battery monthly but not really much change in level.
This spring project will be fiddling with fit.


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Don't fiddle with it!.. It clearly states the warranty is null and void if ANYTHING is fiddled with except tire pressure


For touring, I tried to mimic the build of my Surly Long Haul Trucker on my E-bike. Brooks saddle, raised Jones H-bar, tires, bags and panniers. I do miss the spoke mount, & extra braze-ons on the fork & frame of the Trucker. Now I have to carry water differently... but the E-bike sure makes the hills a little more enjoyable (not as young as I use to be). The 'range anxiety' is something that is new to touring for me but it makes me stop a bit more, and enjoy the surroundings and people during the 'charging' times...and that may be good for me too.

I enjoyed reading the thread..

from Western Colorado.....


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Hi RidingHigh & all members.

I just joined the forum and wanted to say thanks for the feedback you provide! I'm a pretty big guy too and will probably get my first e-bike next week, either a Trekking 6.0 or Trekking 7.0 (2018 models). Still need to choose between Yamaha & Bosch...
I'm new to bikes without "engines" (real ones I mean...), so lots of things to discover and reading your comments about making the bike perfect for you makes a lot of sense.
Speaking of air pressure, my wife wanted a softer ride for our gravel grinding and let a little air out resulting in snake bite on a washboard pothole section on her juiced bike. That bike has a rear drive hub and fixing it was quite a process. I had to ride home and get the car so that we could get it home and watch the youtube video on the process. Glad that I have a mid drive.

She got one of the Schwalbe Marathon Plus' that I was planning to put on my bike :)

Working on battery management now, where I was using high, using standard--- standard to Eco---- Eco to Eco+ (which seems pretty worthless to me).
Got rides in on MTB and hybrid recently as well. Nice to have fun choices.
The Haibike seat has a couple screws to connect the seat to the supports. One came off after a wrestling match getting two ebikes on the bike rack so I finally bothered to change my seat to a comfort one that I had lying around. What a nice difference! Inertia kept me from doing it earlier and I regret that now.
Heading toward 1,000 mile mark soon. I still like riding my other bikes but the Haibike is getting the call more and more.

Agree about the front shocks, I think my weight is part of the issue. A lock out like on my 29er would be ideal.
About to put up the bike for the year for a medical procedure but got several hundred more miles in and some more observations.
Next year I will try a fix for the front fender. Seems like every little rock makes a noise that is unnecessarily alarming.

As a very large biker who uses it on gravel and substandard mountain roads, I can testify to the quality of the rims and spokes. Not one broken spoke and have not had to true the wheels yet, that is a first for me.

I like the Yamaha battery but the cost of an extra one has kept me from taking this on longer mountain rides :-(

The drivetrain suits my style of riding well. After conscious efforts to increase rpm, I still like 75-85. Zero cadence is the best

Eco+ is worthless and should be dropped IMO, it serves no purpose

The rack with imported bag is working out well. Look forward to panniers if the price of batteries comes down and I can tour with it.

It is heavy, it has been interesting adjust to the weight of the bike compared to my other bikes. The frame is a tank and it rides a bit like one. The bodyfloat helps some.

All in all, very happy with my purchase. As these bikes continue to evolve and improve it will be a relic in a couple of years but I will probably still be riding it.

I expected to ride the bike less than I am. When selecting which bike to ride, I am gravitating to it more. My wife loves hers and it would be hard for me to keep up with her on hills without it. I also love that I can ride to meetings sometimes and wear more traditional clothes.