Seat post issue


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I ordered my Sduro fullseven 5.0 mail order, when it arrived I straightend the bars fitted the peddle then tried to lower the seat.

I couldn't move the seat post, not a chance. I didn't want to start hitting a £2500 bike with the hammer so I took it to Halfords, between us we managed to get the post out, it looked like it had been rammed down.

My problem:
The 31.6 dia post will only go into the bike 140mm, if I put something down the tube that is 28mm dia it goes in about 240mm.

When you look into the tube you can see a lip like the bike tubes aren't aligned correctly causing the obstruction.

Is 140mm right for the Haibike or does it sound like a manufacturing fault.

Cheers for reading, and appreciate any help.


Don Lopez

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interesting...... I have an SDURO hard nine, and I'm using a 27.2mm seat post with suspension. I used a shim off ebay that allowed my seat post to work with the 30.9mm frame. This might be a cheap workaround to get you out riding until you decide if you want to send the bike back under warranty.


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I didn't realise they did them, but because of this problem I've been looking. Brand X do a dropper post that's 27.2 and USE make shims to go from that to the 31.6, so that looks the way to go.