Seat post on turbo

Tara D.

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Around the 6 minute mark Court mentions the possibility of switching out the seat for a thudbuster or a cobble gobbler seat post but says there would be some drilling involved. Sounds like it is possible but you would lose the integrated light. Let us know if you end up switching it out and how you went about it!


Ron Bez

Here is how I did mine with a Thudbuster ST. I drilled the hole in the top center thinking it wouldn't weaken the post in any way. I put a piece of shrink tubing around the wire where it passes through the seat post to help protect the wire insulation.


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Hi Ron , I know what you mean about thudbuster noise I have the other model (long travel) and mine makes snapping , cracking and popping sounds. People turn their heads to see whats coming. With colder weather , seems to have quieted down some on the popping noises. I've tried tri-flow , to no avail. I have Body Float plans someday, the reviews are so good. Hope you figure out the Brooks saddle mod. I love mine.
Update: Thudbuster LT has ceased to make as much popping sounds. Guess just needs to wear in. Currently having seat wobbling issue. from tightening wheel underneath loosening .Might put some blue locktight on threads. Love my Thudbuster suspension.
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There is an access cover under the bottom bracket to get to the seat light connectors. The light is removable from the seat and could be attached to the seat post similar to light in the photo above. I changed to a Brooks Cambium seat when I installed the Specialized fender rack kit. The seat light is a typical Supernova tailght shape in a custom bracket in the stock seat. Since I was using the rack kit I didn't need to try and move it to the seat post but it could easily be done.

John Dombrowski

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So my Turbo S will finally be here on Tuesday and after going the the San Diego ebike expo yesterday and riding a couple bikes with the Body Float suspension seat post, I definitely want to order one of these. Has anyone put one on the Turbo yet? I want to make sure a hole or something can be drilled to get the light wire down like I did with my wife's Thudbuster ST. I originally bought the LT for me but I will be sending it back because it is just way too big.

John Dombrowski

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So I just spoke to Charlie over at regarding their BodyFloat seatpost. He said they would custom make one for me with a hole pre-drilled to run the seat light cable down through.
I think companies are getting aware of all these seat/tail lights being used these days and might start making their seat posts with holes in them for the cables. I think that might be a smart thing to do if they are aiming at the ebike market
My 2016 Turbo X came with a Post Moderne parallelogram spring damped seat post. I have used a Thud Buster on a previous e-bike I returned. They do behave and feel a bit different, but I can say one is better than the other. My butt likes both....but no provision for lights. I don't mind, because I mount my Serfas Thunderbolt (bright!) on the rear of my ToPeak bag (using a ToPeak seat-post mounted beam rack with panier side frames.

John Dombrowski

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between the Thudbuster ST on my wife's turbo and just putting the BodyFloat on mine, I must say there is no comparison. The BF is so much more comfortable. But you pay for it.

Douglas Ruby

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I just put a Thudbuster ST on my Turbo. I already liked the stock seat on the Turbo a lot. The Thudbuster helps reduce the intensity of the jarring when going over frost heaves and root ridges on the rail trail and dmaged pavement on regular roads. I am using the #7 insert on mine (for up to 240#-er). I also am running both the seat light and the rack light in parallel using an extra wire pair that I soldered to the seat tube connection and then ran down to the bottom bracket.