Seatpost Sizing - Can i put a 27.2mm Post into a 28.6mm Tube?


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I found a suspension seatpost for my bike that i wanted to order but it doesn't come in the size i need, which is 28.6mm and i can't really find too many options in my price range ( under $100 or about that). I read on a website that you can use a 27.2mm into a 28.6mm tube, is this true? They claim only the clamp needs to be 28.6mm..

Note: The seat clamp diameter needs to match the diameter of your seat tube rather than your seatpost, which is a little smaller. For example, a 27.2mm seatpost (a size commonly found on road bikes) fits inside a 28.6mm diameter seat tube, so it’s a 28.6mm clamp you need.

Here is the sus. post i was looking at.
4.7 reviews, i saw another one with 5star pretty much but it was over $200