Securing a Fat Tire e-bike

Guy McPherson

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I have a Fat Tire E-Bike. I know that locking up my bike correctly is really important. It seems that a U-Lock is one of best methods to deter thieves. However, I can't seem to find one that works for a fat tire bike that would also allow me to attach to a bike rack. I'm looking for suggestions on U-Locks and any other equipment or cables for locking up this type of bike.


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Might want to check an Abus folding lock. Will probably also want a cable for your front tire and a smaller cable for your seat tho. They also have locks to replace the quick releases found on seat posts. One I am looking at is found at

Depends on the risk in your area and how long you need to lock things up. Really not going to stop a determined thief just perhaps deter them to an easier target. Might want to check into bike insurance also.