Seeking 2nd opinions before my first ebike purchase (Biktrix Ultra 1000)


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Hey y'all. I'm looking to spend my stimulus money on something fun. I've been researching bikes for a couple of weeks and am almost ready to pull the trigger but would love some second opinions. Particularly because I'm unable to test drive anything with stores in my area either closed or open for pick-up/drop-off only.

I'll be using the bike probably about 60/40 for recreation and running errands. I live in a fairly hilly area and will be traveling 4-5 miles on roads to some (fairly mild) trails, so I want something that will fare well on both, including light snow in the winter. My priorities are safety, power for the hills (ideally 750+ middrive), and hard tail so I can have a rear rack. The Juggernaut Ultra 1k was a bit outside of my original price range, especially since I'm totally new to ebikes, but it seems to fit pretty much all of my needs and I'd rather splurge now than be wanting to upgrade already in a few months.

Anything I should consider with this build, or other bikes I should consider in a similar price range? I'm kind of split on 26x4 vs 27.5x3. The 27.5s seem like they will be better all-arounders and more flexible for tire options, but then I am thinking I will likely end up getting a 2nd wheel set eventually with some slicks, and if I do that I'd rather go with the 26s now. I see a lot of mixed opinions on how the real fat tires handle on pavement, any suggestions would be helpful. I plan on getting the LT seatpost and some of the accessories, but otherwise keeping stock as I figure I can always buy a second battery later, and I'd rather pick my own saddles and tires if I want to upgrade.

I have also been looking at some of the Rize and M2S bikes, but concerned about their QC and customer support. Biktrix seems to be most preferred of these chinese builds, and I like their customizability. Also it seems like a lot of other bikes are going to be out of stock for a couple of months and I'm anxious to make the most of the springtime.



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I'm not much help, but I'm in the exact same position you are. Really having trouble deciding whether to get a 26" Fat tire and put 3.5" VeeTire Speeder street tires on it. Or spending more for the Biktrix and getting the 27.5 option. Tforan (on this forum) has a really cool Biktrix Ultra with those 3.5's and seems to like it, so I'm leaning that way. Good luck with your decision and i'll be lurking on this thread lol


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Thanks! The 3.5s do seem like a good compromise, I hadn't even come across that as an option. That bike looks beautiful with them.


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I'm riding 26x2.1" knobby tires all weather except black ice on the road. Carry up to 80 lb supplies, usually 40-50 lb. I can change a tube in 40 minutes. 27.5 wheel is fine for tall people, I am short.
Can run 35 mph downhill on smooth pavement, but don't like hitting potholes above about 10. Hard front, hard rear.
I cross 77 hills in 30 miles with a geared hub motor, 3 of them are 15" for 100'. I got 5000 miles on the first chain. Try that with a mid drive. Motor has 4000 miles on it. Cover screws need re-tightening occasionally, even with blue loktite. Phillips screwdriver job. I have double nuts on the motor shaft.
In Massachusetts you should be able to find a dealer that will fix or send back the bike if there is a permanent problem. I handle that on my bike by buying a $221 hub motor/controller/pas/throttle/brakehandles and a $620 17.5 ah battery. Then I converted a pedal bike. Luna batteries will work, and if the motor etc fails I will throw it away and buy a new set for $250 (price increased). My nearest dealer is pedego in the next state , and everybody knows how expensive those are. A permanent problem on a $3000 bike is the reason people should use a dealer.
Somebody said bitrix fired all their dealers.